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Welcome to, a web site devoted to practices of excellence in theological education.

All of us in theological education want to prepare students well, but most of us lack the formal training in teaching or education that would give us more confidence about the educational side of our work. Many seminaries and individual faculty are using creative and exciting strategies to teach students and assess student learning, but we seldom have any idea what our colleagues are doing across the hall, much less what is happening in other schools. There is a lot we could learn from one another. That's what this web site is for.

This web site seeks to provide an opportunity for theological educators to learn from and share with others about about practices of excellence in theological education.

The word "practices" has been chosen deliberately. Many discussions on theological education remain . . . theological. While it is essential that education reflect theological convictions, it is also necessary to put theory into practice. Many theological educators are eager to learn from the concrete practices others are using in their classrooms.

Therefore, the focus here is on practical tools, techniques, and strategies for effective teaching and meaningful assessment. Don't use anything you find here uncritically, but please use what you can, adapt and improve it, and (especially) let us how you did it and what you learned!

If you would like to be notified as new ideas, links, and documents are posted, please send an email with a request to be added to our mailing list.

This web site is a community effort. It will only be as good as we together make it. Please send suggestions--and especially examples of creative teaching or assessment strategies--to editor at Thanks for visiting, for contributing to the site, and for contributing to practices of excellence in theological education.

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